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Lattes With Leia

Dec 29, 2018

2018 is over. We look back at the year in terms of Star Wars and discuss our favorite releases, announcements, and meaningful moments.

Stuff we mention on the show:
Star Wars Icons: Han Solo

Her Universe lightsaber lip collection

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What are your...

Nov 23, 2018

What are the effects of negativity and toxicity in fandom? How can we support each other and be good allies? We dive into the topic on the newest Lattes with Leia and look at studies, Kelly Marie Tran's essay, and more.

Stuff we mention on the show:
Loungefly's The Phantom Menace design
Kelly Marie Tran's comments

Oct 30, 2018

It's October, and it's a time for all things spooky. Since we have Halloween on our minds, this month's Lattes with Leia is about fear in Star Wars. Was Yoda right about fear leading to anger, hate, and suffering? Is fear healthy? We also discuss scenes in Star Wars that scared us and why.

Stuff we mention on the show:

Oct 3, 2018


The making of Star Wars is sometimes just as interesting as the films themselves. On the newest Lattes with Leia, we dive into a stack of Star Wars books and share random information we learn about things like what went into making the wampa's scream, how popular Darth Vader's mask was as a costume accessory in the...

Aug 27, 2018


Do you feel like you have a bond to a fictional character? Have you ever wondered if that one-sided connection has been studied? It has. On the newest episode of Lattes with Leia, Andrea leads a discussion on parasocial relationships: what they are, factors related to the strength of parasocial relationships, the dark...